Asking the Question

Ladies and Gentlemen we have made it to 2021. And already it's starting out with a bang. The state of the country with Covid and Presidential Elections and the recent storming of the Capitol Building. I'm not sure about you but I know I feel my emotions stirring up and creating an inner turmoil.

Originally I had planned to use this month's blog as a deck review but for now, I'm holding off on that to address the state of today in America. When I saw the events unfold at the Capitol Building, I felt disbelief. How could this happen in my country? Then I felt indignation. Who do these protesters think they are? Which quickly went into fear. What about the elected officials and all the people working in the building? Are they safe? What if these insurrectionists succeed and steal the Electoral Votes? Will my life and my way of living be safe? Or the lives of BIPOC? Immigrants? Those outside of the white, straight population? Even now I feel Schadenfreude at seeing the arrests made and the No Fly Lists being enforced by the people that invaded the Capitol.

On my social media, I posted one simple phrase:

Is this what we've come to?

Truly... Is this what we've come to? Take a moment my friends and think about that question for a little bit... Is this what we've come to? For the past four years, I have been afraid, as an openly gay man that dresses in drag for entertainment. People of color have been subjected to systemic racism for decades the likes of which I'm only beginning to see.

Tonight as I write and process all these emotions I find myself grateful. Not grateful at the destruction of property or the death of the guards. Grateful that things came to this boiling point and we can literally see in front of us the division that exists in our country. Some will choose to see and grow from it; some will choose to see and ignore it; some won't choose to see it at all. My prayer is that the majority of the world sees and decides we all get to win together as one human race with all of its beautiful colors.

I've tried to keep this offering as neutral as possible while still remaining true to my intention and clarity in my communication. I hope it does come across that way. Regardless of how my words strike you, I am looking forward to 2021 being the best year of our lives. It won't be easy as we deal with the shift in the world and yet I remain faithful to my vision and path to bring about spiritual clarity and healing for those ready for it.

Let your lights shine, let your magic be seen, and let your song be heard.

Stella Boheme.

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