February for the Non-Romantic

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Okay okay okay... The title may come across a little cynical. Who am I kidding? It's massively cynical. Please don't let that deter you from reading this month's post. I promise there's some good gems in here.

See... I'm single. I've been single for most of my life, with the exception of a three year relationship from 2013 to about 2016. So really Valentine's Day was not my favorite holidays. I get the intention, you know bringing in love during the last part of winter, which for many can be gray, cold, and snowy. Down here in Central Florida, we do get some gray and cold... but thankfully no snow. But I digress...

So I get it my happily taken peeps. Valentine's Day is a great day for romantic dinners, champagne, strawberries, rose petals, chocolates... All that stuff. But what about for a single guy like myself? Well let's turn to the Tarot for some ideas...

For inspiration I turned to my Everyday Witch Tarot. As opposed to shuffling and pulling at random, I decided to sort through the deck and pull out cards that inspired me. Here's what I came up with:

Some of these cards may seem obvious on their connection with Valentine's Day and some may not. But ... Hear me out... Each have some practical advice we can use whether you plan on spending Valentine's Day by yourself, with friends or with a partner or spouse. Let's take a look at it row by row...

For my singles that plan on spending the Love Holiday on your own. You may be asking me "Why is The Tower in a blog about love?" Well, for one break down the expectations of the holiday. Break down your expectations of the holiday. Maybe that means taking yourself out to dinner and a movie or sprinkling rose petals in a bath for yourself. Or perhaps it means breaking down the idea that being single on this day isn't a failure or negative reflection on you. But if you struggle with feelings of inadequacy around your singleness (and I'm so there with you) perhaps the first thing to look at is what is your expectation around yourself. Perhaps instead take a tip from the two witches in the Nine of Cups and the Nine of Pentacles. The Nine of Cups witch is content with herself and enjoying a calming day of seaside meditation. The Nine of Pentacles witch enjoying her own company with a book and glass of wine in the garden she cultivated.

In the next row I found a few cards for ideas on those of you spending the time with friend (perhaps once you've blown up expectations with that Tower energy):

The Four of Wands... Get out and have a picnic! Join your girlfriends or guyfriends and have a night out. If Valentine's Day is about love, why not share your love with your friends? The Six of Cups reminds us to reminisce, spend time with kids, maybe you have nieces and nephews you can watch while their parents have a romantic night out. Or Godchildren ... Or close friend's kids. I mean really the possibilities with this could go many places. And Two of Cups, the card of companionship. Are they lovers? Are they friends? Are they exes (that would be an interesting twist)? Ex-lover's that have turned friends like Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney a la My Best Friend's Wedding. Well minus the trying to stop a wedding and win back the lover part (that's all the spoiler you get... But hey it makes a great V-Day RomCom movie).

Ultimately it does come down to one big thing:

You knew it was coming... The Lover's card reminds us of all the aspects of love we possess. Love is a very broad term that covers many, many facets. In fact take a gander of this lovely snippet from Yes Magazine on six different Greek words for love:

- Eros, Sexual Passion

- Philia, Deep Friendship

- Ludus, Playful Love

- Agape, Love for Everyone

- Pragma, Longstanding Love (this was an interesting concept to read)

- Philautia, Love of Yourself

Rather than recap the article, I highly recommend clicking the link below and let the original author's words inspire you to create your own understanding.

Thank you friends as you join me in unraveling my own hang-ups surrounding single life going into the Month of Love.

Make your Life Glam today. -- Stella B

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