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Full Moon in Sagittarius, New Moon in Taurus, and May's Pick-A-Card Reveal

Welcome to May 2024! I hope the weather is warming up nicely like it is for me here in Central Florida. This month brings a Full Moon in Sagittarius and a New Moon in Taurus. What does that mean? I honestly have no clue... So instead enjoy this random graphic I found...

What I can tell you is that May is one of my favorite months. It's the time when the summer would really start to tease us with sunny offerings and time off from school. May used to feel like a celebration month for me as we would eagerly count down the days to summer vacation and that meant jet-setting off to fun adventures either at home or across the globe. Nowadays, May is a precursor to busy season here in Central Florida and Tourist season just around the corner. This summer will be magical I can just feel it!

So let's get to the meat and potatoes of this blog shall we? This month's Pick-A-Card I'm featuring the Mythos Tarot from Rockpool Publishing and Secrets of the Ancestors by Abiola Abrams (published by Hay House).

You know the drill by now... Take a deep cleansing breath in and pick a number from one to three. Once you have your number find the corresponding pile in the picture below.

Pile 1:

If you chose pile 1, this month will be a time figure out what your stressors and burdens are coming from. The Nine of Swords is showing me there's a lot on your mind right now. That's okay but don't let it weigh you down under the burden of the Ten of Wands. Take this moment to get clear on your thoughts, mindsets, and beliefs. Know thy thoughts like the Queen of Swords and work smarter not harder. Open yourself up to the Generosity the Father of Earth is delivering to you.

Pile 2:

My pile 2 friends, you are going to see some opportunities to invest your resources wisely. The Four of Coins is shows me you can put what you got to good use. This will pay of dividends... literally (The Nine of Coins tells me so). Just keep it light and fun like you've always done; be joyful as you approach your resources and where you want to put them (Six of Cups). The Creature of Fire inside you wants to get out and express its creativity and vibrancy.

Pile 3:

If you chose Pile 3, You are going to feel PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!! The Emperor energy is going to light you up like a solar panel. But be careful how you express it as you can run the risk of bulldozing and alienating people along your way. It's fine to show what you can do but don't Five of Swords it and rub their noses in it. Find the middle path and support others along the way with Temperance chill. The Ancestral Force is showing completion of big projects. So celebrate with everyone.

There you have it friendos. May is going to be month of movement and action. So enjoy and make it a magickal day!

Stefano B.

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