Gratitude, Food and Auset Gypsy Tarot

Blessings to you all on this slightly chilly morning in Florida. Well, there has been no small amount of activity here at Queen of Glam Tarot land. I'm in the final process of settling into my LLC here in Florida and establishing a presence here. Super exciting as I'm ready to step into even great things!!! And I'll be working full-time at my day job so I'm able to do what I've wanted to do for a while... Keep my finances separate.

You see my vision is that my day job sustains my daily living and my Tarot sustains itself. And keeping the finances separate is just one more step to making that a reality. So all-in-all a very exciting time for my abundance!

It's also a great month to think about and focus on the delicious food coming in the weeks. Now ... I know you might be thinking that's slightly gluttonous. However, I invite you to think about the spirit of the feast. That there is plenty at the table... You and those you love are provided for and you are able to drink and eat the abundance of what you have called to the table.

Now for something new I am practicing for this and future months... A Card of the Month! If you follow me on Instagram (@QueenOfGlamTarot if you don't) I pulled the Emperor for November. Strong-willed, determined, and you know when he gets an idea he won't let it go... I mean he is Aries the Ram personified. For this month of November, I feel as though he is saying not to get complacent in the midst of success. Yes, we've been working hard this past year and seeing those come to fruition. AND it's time to be sure to enjoy and keep moving forward.

The Emperor from Crow Tarot is pictured above.

This month I'm working with my good friend The Auset Gypsy's Tarot deck.

This is what I would classify as a Marseille or Pip-style deck. The Major Arcana have their figures on them. It has the feeling of being old world and contemporary at the same time. In these cards, you almost feel the timelessness of the characters. They have echoes of the past mixed into today. I thoroughly enjoy the work of illustrators Rebecca Stotsenburgh and Heather Scott.

Now, what makes it Marseille style? The minor arcana are just the suits in their respective numbers without the classic scenes normally seen in the RWS deck. So it may be a bit trickier for someone who is visually driven and derives a lot of meaning from the scenes in the card. HOWEVER, do not let that deter you from purchasing this deck because for me what really shines is the Court Cards. The Court cards look like they jumped out of an old Italian deck of cards just used to play Tarocco in a beautiful court. What's unique is that Auset uses the Cavalier instead of the Knight and the Pages have been shifted to Prince and Princess.

In this set, you get a larger fold box (opposed to a tuck or two-piece box), the deck, and a guidebook with concise information (including planets in different houses for each card).

To see pictures and watch me work with these cards this month be sure to follow my Instagram at QueenOfGlamTarot. And to purchase your own Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck check out his website at

Well that's it for this month magickal beings. As always stay magickal and I'll see you soon.

Stella B.

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