Lesson: Villicon and Beyond

Blessings to you as we get ready to go into the month of February, my Magical Beings.

It's already been an abundant month with January in the books. I got to experience my second time being a vendor at Villicon 2022 here in Orlando and while the weather may not have cooperated there was a lot of learning that happened. One... Being sure of the products offered. I brought into the world a line of little earrings with cards in them and they did not sell... And that's okay. Two... Don't get too much going in the space... Having a card reading and retail space didn't quite work. But it also led to some creative ideas for products and spacing in the future.

All in all, it was an incredible experience to be in the space and share with so many wonderful and friendly vendors. Many of whom I hope to run into again. I've determined right now my interval for conventions will be 6-months. So that being said I'll be vendoring again in St. Augustine in September for Ancient City Con. So if you missed me then, catch me out and about soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from Villicon. And as always make it a magical day. -- Stella B.

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