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Pick-A-Card October Edition

Hello and welcome to official OFFICIAL spooky season!! October is here and it's time to prepare for the last part of the year! I truly love how the last quarter is just like a party every month with Halloween, Thanksgiving (here in the United States) and Christmas. And it feels like a perfect time for a monthly pick-a-card with a few spooky cards.

So you know the drill. Take a moment to center yourself and take a few breaths. Focus on what message you need to hear this month. What are you calling in? What are you releasing? What will this month bring to you as you say Trick-or-Treat?

Once you've done this, choose pile one, two, or three:

Pile 1: You will have a lot of people surrounding you this month. The King and Queen of Graves (Pentacles in the Edgar Allan Poe Tarot) is coming to bring you some sound advice and maybe even a few opportunities to expand your growth. Listen to them with curiosity and openness, just like the Page of Hearts (the Suit of Swords) because this is a primetime for you to explore your wild nature just like the Werewolf from the Halloween Oracle.

Pile 2: This may be a challenging month for you. It's time for you to be clear on what holds you back. You know what is that Devil on your shoulder? Once you are clear on what you bring to the table and what energy you possess just like the Queen of Eyes (Wands in this deck), break down the barriers and walls you've built up. On the other side is where your lucky black cat is and fortune meets opportunity.

Pile 3: I get it... You want to be the belle of the ball! You want to have the top notch costume and be the most glamorous thing ever! Your ambition and passion are noted but be sure not to be hasty. Temperance is asking you to find a compromise because. Be true to your passion and be even-keeled my Knight of Eyes. If you get too caught up it may end up bringing more pain than joy (Ten of Hearts). So enjoy some Barmback and sweetness as things line up for you without effort.

Tarot: Edgar Allan Poe Tarot by Sarah Christensen Fu

Oracle: Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

Enjoy this month friends. Be safe and make it a magickal day! -Stella B

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