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Pick-A-Card - September Edition

Happy Spooky Season!! Okay so it may not be October yet but for me once September hits and the weather starts to cool down, Spooky Season is here. Or as Winifred Sanderson says...

So let's start out the month with a little Tarot Magick...

This is something new I'm going to be trying out. The first week of each month I'll post a pick-a-card for the vibe of the month. If you aren't familiar with a pick-a-card, it's really easy. I'll post a picture of three card piles and all you have to do is choose one. Then find the paragraph that has the card you choose and receive your message. Easy right? If you're ready then let's dive in.

Take a moment and scan each of the piles in this photo. Take a few deep breaths if you need. Which pile are you drawn to? Is there one you can't seem to take your eyes off? If yes then that's the one for you. If not take a few moments to look away or close your eyes. When you return your gaze go with the first pile you see. Below you'll find the message for your September.

Pile 1

If you chose pile 1, September will be a time for you to pause and reflect. Right now you'll want to gain perspective on all the things you are working on (The Hanged Man). This pause is going to allow your intuition to come through and guide you on the next step (The High Priestess). This is also going to be a time for you to establish firm boundaries learned from the past experiences (Nine of Wands). Your Oracle card is Lady/Goddess as card to tap into the Divine Feminine energy of receiving, flexibility, and intuition.

Pile 2

If you chose Pile 2, September will bring you a lot of opportunities to start new adventures and endavors. Be open to your emotions and what your heart is asking (Page of Cups). If you can blend that with the passion you already possess, you will be unstoppable (Queen of Wands). But remember to allow yourself a chance to recharge as you are taking on new things and achieving new heights (Four of Swords). Your Oracle card is Spirit. These new things are you initiation into unlocking a new level within yourself. Take it and run with it!

Pile 3

If you chose pile 3, September is a month of magic for you. Magic is itself neutral so be wise in where you direct it; your choices have power (Justice). While you are out creating magic, remember to save a little bit of the pie for yourself (Four of Pentacles). You have the chutzpah and the get up and go... so... Get up and go (The Chariot)! Your Oracle card is Spell... You will easily be able to manifest your desires this month. So go forth and manifest abundantly, wisely, and smartly.

This Month's Tarot is the Trick or Treat Tarot and Oracle deck is Witches' Wisdom

I would love your feedback on the blog idea. Let me know if these resonate with you and also let me know if these predictions came through. I'll be back in October for the next Pick-a-Card.

In the meantime, Have a Magickal Day - Stella B

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