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Tarot in Real Time - The Star

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Light Seer's Tarot - The Star
The Star from Light Seer's Tarot

Welcome to July. And Welcome to another Tarot in Real Time blog posting. After we move through our Tower moments (with or without the headaches and heart aches... Mine has definitely been with the headaches both personally and professionally). The Tower moment I've been living through was an interesting practice in do I participate or do I standby. In a way, it was like the cartoon meme of a dog sitting in a house on fire with the word bubble of him saying "This is fine." I posted it on my Instagram.

And it hasn't been just one Tower moment. Rather the moment I wrote about last month seemed like one brick of the Tower. This led me to creating a new idea around Tower moments and ask myself "What if instead of thinking 'when it rains, it pours,' instead I think this is just being dismantled one brick at a time."

Enter in the space where my mind finally opened up to accepting Tower moments fully. Now that's not to say it's been easy or without some tears shed (there have been many). You see... I often forget that Tower moments are easy to navigate... when they are someone else's. But this particular time I've been IN the Tower as it crumbled down around me. But with the crumbling down it's revealed the next card in the Major Arcana: The Star, the card of hope.

The Star in both Lenormand and Tarot share similar meanings of Success and Hope
The Lenormand Star

Hope is a very loaded word for me. Mainly because I equate it to broken promises, unrealized dreams, and general let downs in life. For exampIe, prior to becoming a drag queen and Tarot reader, I was an aspiring opera singer. I studied with some of the best teachers in the world of singing, received both a Bachelors and Masters degrees in music, auditioned, practiced, networked, continued taking lessons while out of school, worked part-time to not sacrifice audition and gig time, taught voice lessons in my own little studio. All in the hopes that I would be able to break into the market. I also thought I had the advantage of maturity as I was closer to my 30s and the voice typically takes a little time to mature and be "marketable." But all this work led to burn out, vocally and mentally. But I had hope and I believed it would happen, so why didn't it?

The Star card can feel a little trite in its message of hope. But considering its placement in the grand scheme of things, Hope shines out when we need it most. The Star is placed at that moment when we have nothing left but hope (or you could substitute the word Hope with Faith as I sometimes do). In my story, the silence that followed allowed me to really listen to my intuition and realize that what I thought I wanted was actually not what I wanted at all. This led me on a course to becoming a drag queen (celebrating 14 years in the business). It also allowed me to learn all the mistakes I had made as an opera singer to build up my drag business. And The Star moment was pursuing this inner knowing that I wanted to be a drag queen. I wanted to be a part of the glamour and glitter. And well here I am today running a business I never thought possible.

In considering your work with the Star, it might be time to go back to being a child again. Dreaming big, without judgement but with wonder. We see The Star in many religions and stories around the world, from the Three Wise Men following the Star to the birth of Jesus in the Bible, to the Sailors navigating by the Stars in real life (Remember Moana?). And while it may feel odd ... Maybe it's time to look up and wish upon a star once more. What's the harm? A wish is another form of manifestation right?

Go forth in Star Energy friends. And remember to make it a magickal day. -Stella B.

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