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Tarot in Real Time... The Tower

Welcome back. The year hiatus was very much needed as I figured out things about my personal life and sorted them out accordingly. And figure out what to write about in this here blog.

So why not just write... Right? That seems to be the best place to start... No agenda, just an idea. Like writing about Real Time events as they may reflect in the lovely 78 cards of the Tarot. And we have a doozy of one today.

The Location: Florida

The Time: Year 2023

The Scene: The political climate is volatile as the Governor, Ron DeSantis has just signed into law many pieces of restricting the rights of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Card: The Tower

The Tower card. We dread it and yet know it's necessary for us to go through those moments. If you are an experienced Tarot reader and manifester you may even be able to predict and prepare for these moments. But as much as the Tower destroys and throws everything up in the air, it also removes obstacles and reveals things we may not have noticed before hand. It could reveal a new path or just an uncomfortable truth we did not want to acknowledge, but if you pay attention you'll notice it.

At the time of writing this blog, the Florida Governor has written into law multiple bills that greatly restrict the rights of Florida's LGBTQIA+ population (yours truly included). Drag is considered part of the 18+ entertainment industry, greatly reducing the income and appearances of drag queens, including story hours, brunches, and Pride. He's also signed into law the aptly named "Don't Say Gay" bill, expanding it's reach from kindergarden to 3rd grade, all the way up to 12th grade. Another bill prohibits educaters from 1. asking pronouns of their students and 2. sharing their own pronouns. But guns are easily obtainable... In fact, easier than a library card. Florida is in a true Tower moment with its leadership at the helm and the ensuing chaos being created in his wake.

Now... if you're asking me what this is revealing or what obstacles this is removing... I truly have no idea. These laws were just recently signed. All on the heels of the Governor's ever-going feud and lawsuits with Disney and his presidential bid. These steps he's taken however do reveal his motives and his ideology. For me personally, these laws greatly restrict where I am able to make appearances for fear of incarceration. Thus the way I used to do things has now been throw into a loop. I am asking myself "Where do I go now?" "What's the next step?" "Where can I redirect my own attention?" Tower moments are rarely comfortable, even if we've prepared for them. But keeping in mind the phrase "this too shall pass and you will rise again" can be the soothing balm to a chaotic situation. Remember the lesson is not to control but rather let what needs to be revealed come to the surface.

I hope this blog finds you all well and I do look forward to keeping up with the writing, for now monthly, and more frequently as time goes on.

Stay Magickal Friends. -Stella B.

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