The Glamorous Blog is Back!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Well, my friends, after a hiatus the Glamorous Blog is back in action. I come to find in my own Gemini way, I'm exceedingly good at starting and overwhelming things but not always in the follow-through. And that's okay... I'm picking up where I left off and adding to what I've already created. Which is ... What exactly?

Well to start ... I've been added to the roster of readers at Spiral Circle Bookstore in Orlando, FL. Every Sunday and Thursday from 11-3 I'm in the reader room slinging the cards and answering your questions.

I've also started a new gig Thursday evenings as a Drag Tarot reader at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. Tapas-style food, working artists and performers, and Tarot card readers every evening. It's a blast of a time as I get to show off some of my newest outfits and jewels!

On my website, I've added a new section: The Book Shelf. Here you will see what I'm currently reading and what I've finished reading. I may even include a "wish list" of books for the future. Who can say? Right now I'll keep it simple.

This is really what I plan on doing with this blog. Keeping it simple as I can as I navigate the business of the Tarot. So my loyal readers: Thank you for sticking with me and let's make it magickal.

Stella B.

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