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Welcoming Summer with June's Pick-A-Card

Greetings to all and a warm welcome to June! June holds a special place in my heart as it marks Pride Month, and I always enjoy the sight of rainbow colors all around. Additionally, we are fully immersed in Gemini Season, which happens to be my birth month! There are numerous reasons to celebrate as we transition from Spring to Summer, with the Sun's warmth illuminating the world. Without further ado, let's embrace the light and delve into this month's Pick-A-Card reading...

June's Pick-a-Card Piles

Take a minute to center yourself and allow your eyes to close if it is safe to do so. When you feel ready to receive your monthly prediction, open your eyes and pick from numbers one, two, or three; once you have your number read on...

Pile 1

If you chose Pile 1, you will find many opportunities you've been working towards will appear. Not just one but many of them #ThreeOfWands. The hard part will be choosing which ones to take on! What a blessing to have this abundance amiright? #TwoOfCoins. This may be a great month to jump into the unknown trusting that you know enough to make some moves and the rest you will figure out #KnightOfSwords #TheUnknown.

Pile 2

If you are a Pile 2 person, here is your prediction: Take this month to create a little comfort in your dwelling space #QueenOfCoins. Trust that things will be taken care of for you #TheMoon but for now just give it a break and address any lingering thoughts of self-doubt #ThreeOfSwords. Your mind is quick and sharp so use it to your benefit #FatherOfAir.

Pile 3

My Pile 3 clan, here is your prediction. This month take the reigns and the lead for yourself #TheEmperor. Let yourself be led by your own heart and wear it proudly #KnightOfCups. You'll find many avenues exist that were once hidden to you will start to appear and become possibilities #TwoOfWands. Your Ego wants to keep you in place and trick you into safety, so be bold this month #TheTrickster.

This month's Tarot is the Mythos Tarot from Rockpool Publishing and Oracle is Secrets of the Ancestors by Abiola Abrams, published through Hay House.

Have a magickal and proud June my lovely beings - Stella B.

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