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Tarot Readings

Drawing on my 20+ years of experience, I've developed a "Flow Tableau" style of reading. Through this reading style, you will gain clarity on the path you are currently on and what the future holds in store for you. Please see below for delivery options.


Tarot Parties

Bring a little Tarot Glamor to your special occasion and host your own Tarot Party. Each member attending will receive their own  personalized readings and you as Host or Hostess will receive a special gift in addition to your own reading. 

Tarot Lessons 

If you are looking to level up your skills as a Tarot reader, then look no further than my Tarot Mentorship Program. Through a series of lectures, one-on-one coaching and practice sessions, and journaling, you will gain experience and confidence in your Tarot reading skills. 

Delivery Options

Readings can be delivered in the following methods: 

- In-Person 

- Video Chat via Zoom with link to recorded video


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