Confessions of a Tarot Collector

Blessings to each of you magickal beings. SO I have a confession to make... I'm a vibrant and avid collector of cards. I've been collecting them since I was a kid when I first started with casino cards. I loved having a deck of cards in my hand, sometimes just to practice shuffling and bridging and shuffling again. I even learned how to add by playing Blackjack. Fast forward many years and here I am with well over 100 decks in my stash. Some were impulse buys, some were must-haves, and some were just because. Does anyone else relate to this?

Yes, these boxes are a mix of books and cards I have collected over time. Many times over... I won't say I have a problem ... but my impulse control is rather ... lacking.

So what can you do with all these cards you've accumulated over time? Well... here's a quick list of ideas:

  • Resell: If you have gently used and complete decks, consider reselling them. Etsy or Amazon have spaces for hosting and selling (for a fee of course). Or if you have your own website consider hosting space for gently-used Tarot cards. There may be a space for consignment at your local spiritual shop.

  • Create Tarot Art: At my table at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, we have a little collage hanging above the Tarot spot with various items like feathers and Tarot cards. You could also create hanging art or if possible nail art (I have a set of Tarot card nails I wear every so often). This is perfect for decks that are incomplete or so worn using them may not be a possibility.

  • Release them: This can be gifting to a new reader or younger mentee or setting them ablaze. Releasing them into the Universe to continue working with a prayer of thanks. There have been many Tarot decks I've owned that didn't resonate with me. In cases like that, I consider myself a carrier for them... Waiting on the person I'm meant to deliver the deck to. And we always cross paths.

  • Make a Table: I haven't actually done this but I've seen many people take their cards and cover them with resin to create a unique table for reading. Now if you have an artistically savvy person in your life ... Hit them up (please don't email me because I don't know much about resin).

These are just a few ideas on uses for card decks you no longer use. How have you used your old card decks?

As always stay magical beings -- Stella B

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