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Uncover the April Fool's Day Prank with a Pick-A-Card Reading

Okay so there is no joke or prank I plan on pulling in this blog. Just me writing about the beautiful spring weather and the world waking up fully after the winter's down time, etc. With spring comes wonderful things in bloom and the enjoyment of the return of the sun to the world. I use this time to start running again (I tend to be a spring, summer, fall runner). But also focus on what seeds I want to plant for the rest of the year.

Some news to share: My book is being picked up by a publisher and will be out soon! Now I'm going through a bunch of editing as I work through however when I have the release date be sure I'll let you know!

I don't really have much else to list or share so I'm just going to dive in with this month's Pick-A-Card reading. For this month I've chosen Pocket Of Peers Tarot by Jamie Sawyer and Abiola Abrams' newest oracle deck Secrets of the Ancestors. Take a moment to center yourself, take three or four cleansing breaths, and choose a number between one, two, and three.

Do you have your number? Okay then... Proceed...

Pile 1

This is going to be a stormy month for you, chooser of Pile 1. The Tower clearly is saying it's time to clear away the obstacles. So make a choice on where you want to go and commit to it (Two of Sword). The Study is a unique card to this deck in that it's okay to observe as things start to crumble down around you. This is a time of some good Juju for you (Altar of Fire).

Pile 2

If you chose Pile 2, April will bring with it some beautiful and fertile land. Now is an incredible time to bring forth and create in the world (The Empress). Be cautious to use your resources wisely and judiciously (Four of Pentacles). And for heaven's sake share your joy with the world around you (Ten of Cups). Mother of Earth is echoing the fertility of The Empress so go ahead and plant your garden.

Pile 3

If you chose Pile 3, then April is going to give you direction and intention. The Emperor leads the way with his purpose and drive, listening to and obeying his higher self and destiny (Judgement or Awakening). All you need to do is have the courage to go for it and hold on with both hands (Strength). The Goddess Circle is showering you with change.

These are short, sweetm and to the point as you may have noticed. Please check out Abiola Abrams new deck as it is incredible and insightful!

And Make it a Magickal April friends! -Stella B.

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