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Roaring into 2024: The Year of Strength and the Wood Dragon

Happy New Year's everyone!! *throws the glitter, sips the champagne, and sounds the noise maker*

It is officially 2024 and we are open and primed and ready for new adventures in the coming year. And I can already tell you this year will be one for the books! As you will soon see in this Year Ahead reading, 2024 will be a year of growth and have many opportunites to go outside your own comfort zone. So let's dive in and see what we can expect:

Numerology of the Year

Let's crunch a few numbers first off. The number for the year is 8 (2+2+0+4=8), a number of abundance and multiplying blessings. Eights are also a way to get things back on track after the enigmatic curve balls the sevens like to throw our ways. For me number 8 also has a reaffirming energy to it as well. All will be well in the world and more so. Take a look at the eights in the four suits:

We see the power in our choices with these eights, whether we choose knuckle and work harder (Eight of Pentacles); take swift and decisive action (Eight of Wands); stay put in analysis paralysis (Eight of Swords); or leave an entire situation (Eight of Cups). It takes courage to move forward and avoid being like the figure in the Eight of Swords. And that keyword Courage perfectly sums up the Eighth trump card in the Major Arcana:

Strength. On the surface, the Strength card seems pretty straightforward. But when you dive in a bit, we can see how the card would take on a few different names: Fortitude, Courage, Grit, Resiliency, Power, Brawn.

As I pulled my cards for the year ahead, the first emotion I was struck with was accomplishment and pride. You know the feeling that you've put on all the work and you are now standing back and admiring your handiwork. This coming year will be a year where all the tests, trials, and tribulations from the previous year will finally pay off. It may not come easy but that is where the energy of the Strength card comes into play. Reminding yourself that you've already come this far. And you can keep going.

Some (light) Astrology for the Year

In Chinese astrology, 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon. Now I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on the Chinese Zodiac. Rather I'm going to refer to the picture from one of my new card family decks. The Oracle is The Chinese Five Elements Oracle by Vicki Iskandar. If you have any interest Chinese Astrology, I highly recommend this deck of cards. With the artwork showing each animal in one of five elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Wood), these cards are quickly going to become a favorite on my shelf.

As you can see the Wood Dragon's message is pretty clear: You Have the Strength. All things we are coming across in 2024 will seem easy to overcome because we already possess everything we need.

The Yearly Reading

Okay, now that we have some context set, let's dive into the collective reading for the upcoming year.

I've divided the year into quarters, staring in the upper right hand corner, going clockwise around the layout.

In general, I'm seeing a general tone of "Set your pace, run your race." There will be a lot of growth and obstacles ahead, but trust in your approach and make it uniquely your own. We'll also have a chance for many celebrations, which will be vital for recharge.

First Quarter - January, February, March - Page of Wands, Five of Swords, Six of Cups

This first part of the year will be filled with curiosity and wonder. With Page of Wands energy starting out our January, there will be multiple opportunities to discover and rediscover what you are passionate about, much like a child with their shiny new Christmas toys. Moving into February you may be tempted to show-off those shiny new toys. Be mindful of your approach as the Five of Swords can show how quickly we can go from Show and Tell to rubbing it in your face. And if you go to far, that's okay. This is a good lesson in taking responsibility for your actions and inviting others to play in the playground with you, which is March's card, Six of Cups. 2023 was already a tough year, let's start 2024 off lighter and more playful.

Second Quarter - April, May, June - Six of Wands, Ten of Wands, Justice

Going into the second quarter of the year, we're going to start seeing some success in our endeavors and the hard work from the first part of the year. In April, we have the Six of Wands, victory and overcoming obstacles. I'm so proud of you for working harder, but I want you to know in May, you'll be feeling the burden of everything you've taken on as we have the Ten of Wands showing itself. This is okay, because in June you'll be given a chance to make some powerful choices with Justice energy in your corner. Choose what works best for you, working smarter not harder or let go what is taking attention and distracting you from other things.

Third Quarter - July, August, September - The Emperor, Eight of Cups, Eight of Wands

With 2024 being a year of 8, two of the Eights have decided to appear at a time when drive and focus are at their peak. July feels like a perfect Emperor month where the sun is at it highest and warmest. Here we'll have a chance to pursue new things and create new opportunities. In creating the new, it will be necessary to make space for it in your life (kinda like cleaning out the closet to make room for new fashion) and August will be a chance to do just that with the Eight of Cups. You came and did what you needed to make sure everything was in place and your legacy is in tact. Letting go is opening up the flood gates for new things to literally come flying to you just like the Eight of Wands.

Fourth Quarter - October, November, December - Queen of Cups, Three of Wands, Ten of Swords

The fourth quarter is going to give us the chance to contemplate all the years progress. October starts with the Queen of Cups. In the time when the veil between the spirtual world and physical world is at its thinnest, this is a good time to listen to your heart and receive messages from spiritual guides and ancestors. November will have more opportunities to offer up with the Three of Wands; this however isn't ones that are actionable right away. Rather these will be ones to start the next year 2025 with a bang of excellence. So while you desire to speed up in December, you'll just feel like you're being pinned down with Ten of Swords energy. Don't worry about start something new so close to the end of the year. Just be where you are now and while the Universe sets up 2025 for you.

All in all I forsee this coming year to be a year of moving forward proudly and grandly. It'll be another year of growth but not painful growth. Just allow your comfort zone to be expanded one step at a time.

Did you know you can have your own thirty minute Year Ahead Reading with me? It's true. And it will compliment this collective reading by adding a personalized touch on what you can expect, what to look out for, and what steps you can take to overcome obstacles. All for only $77.00! You can book yours by emailing me at REMINDER: I will never solicit you for a reading, be aware of scammers.

Well everyone let's wave a fond farewell to 2023 and move into 2024 with strength, determination, grit, and the knowledge that we are about to go into an incredible year.

Make it a Magickal Year my magickal friends - Stella and Stefano B

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