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The Wheel of Fortune Spread

Hello there you Magickal Beings. Another blog posting this month?? Crazy isn't it?

I shared this over on my Instagram but I figure why not share here as well...

Lately in preparation for my book to be released I've been creating Tarot spreads that are based around a card. This month I created one around The Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot with a Crystal Ball
The Wheel of Fortune is all about change, karma and good luck.

Connected to the planet of good fortune and luck, Jupiter, the Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that we call and draw in the things that are coming our way.

In this spread, find and place the Wheel of Fortune card in the middle of your workspace and focus on eight realms, goals, facets of a goal you are wishing to achieve in your life. The eight realms of life might be Career, Money, Friendship, Love, Spirituality, Giving Back, Health, and Recreation, for example. Once you have those eight things in mind, pull sixteen cards starting at the top and working clockwise; the first eight cards will form an outer circle, the second eight will form an inner circle. It'll look like this when you're done:

Cards 1-8 represent your goals and cards 9-16 represent the obstacles or steps to get to those goals.

Now question for you: Would you like me to create a new spread and add them to my blog offerings each month? I'm curious what you think in the comments.

Make it a Magickal Day - Stefano B.

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