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The Last Blog ... of 2023. December's Pick-a-Card

Well here we are Magickal beings. The last month of 2023 and the festivities that ensue. For me this is a time when the year speeds up and sprints into the next year. Between singing (yep I'm a singer), working in the hospitality industry, and of course Tarot and Card reading parties happening. But unlike last month, I have time for to do a Pick-A-Card for this month... Even though I forgot last month *oops*. So let's dive into it...

Take a moment to clear your mind. Take in a few relaxing breaths and focus on the month ahead. December, Yule time, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Channukah, Family time, music and shopping (that last part is for me... I love to shop). However you choose to celebrate think about the spirit of this season and what it means to you. When you are centered into the Spirit of the Season, pick a pile of cards: Left, Center, or Right and read on for your message.

Left Pile: This month is time to focus on your resources and keeping your wits about you (Capricorn - I Use). You are in the driver's seat of leadership (Smokey is the Emperor in the Groovy Waite Tarot). There will be moments of chaos as you undertake new things and finish up other projects with the Five of Wands. There is no shame in taking a mental break and seeking out a little quiet time for yourself (Six of Swords).

Center Pile: This month focus on the essence of YOU and who you Be (Aries - I Am). I am is a powerful affirmation and a wonderful way to remind yourself of your accomplishments (Six of Wands). Remember the lessons you've learned as you step into the next big thing oh King of Swords. Because once you set that in motion, put on your seatbelt and hold on! (Eight of Wands).

Right Pile: This month is the time to focus on rejuvenating your Spirit (Sun-Spirit). Give yourself a chance to rest (Four of Swords). This rest is going to give you a chance to see how far you've already come and what you've already accomplished (Seven of Pentacles). Resting is also recharging and reminding you that you are powerful and a leader (The Emperor).

This December one thing has really come up for me in these readings: Leadership. This is a wonderful time to journal on how you've been the leader of your life this year. If you are curious about what the next year holds for you I have opened up my schedule to book Year Ahead readings. Send me a message to schedule yours!

I'll keep it short and sweet this time around my loves. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I'll see you in the New Year soon.

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