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Springing Forward: March's Pick-A-Card Predictions

Hello Hello. Welcome to the start of Spring... And a week into March I'm finally getting to this Pick-a-Card reading! But I promise I have a few updates and reasons that are exciting to share... Please read on:

I'm excited to announce that the final edit of my book, Tarot in Real Time, is finally completed! This has been a two-year project for me and anyone who knows a Gemini knows how long a time that is to keep their attention span. But it's ready to go through the editing phase and submitted to be put out into the world. Hopefully it'll fill your stockings by holiday season of 2024 (at least that's the goal). So be on the look out!

But let's jump into the monthly Pick-a-Card readings. This month I felt inspired to use two different Oracle decks on top of the three Tarot cards. Take a moment to center yourself and picture what you would like March to bring to you. With this clear mind choose numbers 1, 2, or 3:

Once you have your number in mind read on to the reveals and descriptions.

Pile 1:

If you chose pile 1, March is going to bring you a lot of chances to explore your own magic. The Magician is asking for you to take inventory of all the tools at your disposal. Once you begin to set things in motion, hold on because a lot will fly at you very quickly (Eight of Swords energy all the way!). The only thing holding you back is... you. Let your ego take a back seat and let your greatness soar (The Devil). You are guided by the Goddess of Dreams so follow your bliss and let your intuition take flight.

Pile 2:

For my pile 2 pickers, this is going to be a time for you determine what's in your carry-on. Archangel Raguel is bringing with them an energy of harmony and justice. With that comes making wise choices on simplifying your life. Self-reflection will be paramount for you this month: firstly knowing what your heart wants (King of Cups) and where you passions lie (Queen of Wands). So dream big, dream bold, dream audaciously and use that 7 of Cups energy.

Pile 3:

Pile 3, it is time for your healing process to begin. Whether this means shadow work, mindset shifting, or just letting your physical body rest to repair itself, do it. Talent Guides are around you to guide and show you the way. So cross over that brige. 4 of Swords and 6 of Pentacles energy combined shows me it's time to rest yourself and your mind (4 of Swords) to allow yourself a chance to reharmonize and rebalance (6 of Pentacles). Use this time to sort through confusion and all the thoughts and beliefs that have kept you tied up (8 of Swords).

I know I kept this brief today because I'm continuing to write, write, write. But I want you to know you are worth taking time and delivering these beautiful messages.

Have a Magickal Day and Magickal March -Stella B.

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