When Tarot Met Glam... The Start of Queen of Glam Tarot

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. A new offering for the year 2021 of makeup tips, card reflection and study, tips and tricks to enhance your own Tarot journey, and a few reviews and introductions of my card family. And what better way to kick off than to give a brief history of Queen of Glam Tarot and the road that led me here.

This offering is a culmination of a lifetime journey of spirituality and expression. Growing up in a small, rural town in Eastern Oregon you wouldn't think there would be much spiritual diversity. A town of 30,000 was made up of five primary groups: European, Native American, Mexican, Japanese, and Basque. On top of Lutheran, Mormon, Baptist, Methodist, and Seventh-Day Adventist churches we also had a large Catholic population practiced by a sizable Mexican population and a Buddhist population practiced by the Japanese population.

I was born a member of the Japanese population. While I attended the Methodist church, many members of my family attended the Buddhist temple (which was conveniently located a block behind the Methodist church). Growing up and learning to honor and respect both religions had ups and downs: some of the downs included cognitive dissonance between the teachings. But the most powerful up was appreciating, questioning, and seeking out my own spiritual truths. Long story short, I jumped into Christian theological study before striking out into Paganism, Wiccanism, Druidism, Shamanism, and finally landing into a Universalist point of view.

You see when it comes to spiritual truths I'm not one to say what yours is any more than I can tell you what your favorite pizza topping is (if you even like pizza). To continue with this pizza metaphor our spiritual truths are very much like adding toppings to a pizza: Some will add sausage, some will add pepperoni, some will add cheese and some will go without, some will add mushrooms or green peppers, and yes some may even add pineapple on their pizza.

Side-by-side with this spiritual journey there is also a performer that showed up as a pianist, organist, chorister, musical theater actor, opera singer, and drag queen. If the spiritual journey was inward, the performance journey was an outward manifestation of said journey. And also had its share of ups and downs: lack of work and performance opportunities, learning the hard way the importance of networking, and the willingness to put oneself out for the world to see and judge and learning that there is enough stage space in the world for everyone.

As time went on the two paths seemed to grow farther apart. The performance life lacked depth and passion and the card reading life became bland. What one lacked, the other had and the alchemy of Drag and Tarot has been so far an exciting new adventure of glam, glitter, and panache. And here we are today. A new year, a new opportunity to move forward and create a bright and beautiful future. I am Stella Boheme, Glam Queen Tarot Reader. My vision is creating Safe Expression and Proud Leaders. And welcome to... Queen of Glam Tarot. #QueenOfGlamTarot #TarotGoneGlam

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