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Imbolc, St. Brigid, and the Month of Love: Pick-A-Card February Edition

Welcome everyone to a new Month. Did January feel like a year long? It did for me. The January's chaotic energy stems from the "new year, new me" vibe. Trying out new things, setting up the year for a successful start, and organizing life to be different and greater than last year... It's all a lot of energy on the front end so we can slide into December with grace and gratitude.

Before we begin, I would like to say Blessed Imbolc and St Brigid's Day to all those who celebrate these beautiful starts to the season. Now is the time we celebrate the return of the light and Sun and all the fertility the land is ready to provide as we plant seeds for the year. And when you live in the Sunshine State like I do... the return of the sun is very welcoming.

While we're reveling in this return of the longer days and fertility and Valentine's Day candy and general lovefest, let's look at the Pick-A-Card for this month:

Take a moment to breathe, center yourself, close your eyes if you are in a safe place to do so... And pick a number: one, two or three. Once you have your number... Read on to the next paragraphs.

Pile 1:

This month, really focus on your own passions and what they mean to you. The Queen of Wands is a reminder that you know yourself and you can keep coming back to you. Those opportunites you are seeking will be there ready and waiting for you (Two of Wands). Right now take some time to rest and prepare (Four of Swords). Remind yourself this month to work from the inside out. Start with you and let it ripple out into the world, just like the message of the Fire Horse: Effortless Vitality.

Pile 2:

This month will be a double dose of teaching. You will be led to learn and teach. But as you are teaching, keep your ego in check. You are knowledgable but not the end-all/be-all of your field (Seven of Swords). You are teaching and creating teachers and leaders in others but it is the a great act of love, care, and kindness: creating greatness in others (Metal Ox).

Pile 3:

Things may get a little shaken up this month with some Tower energy coming in hard and heavy. As best you can be observant of your own emotional attachments (Page of Cups). There may be some ensuing chaos as you reorganize things for yourself. Roll up your sleeves and embrace it as a fun challenge. The Wood Tiger is bringing you a message you've already started off strong. As Mary Poppins once said "Well begun is half done."

These were short snippets of the month. As always for an in-depth reading send me an email at

Make today a magickal day you incredible beings - Stefano B.

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